Updated CV Mona Alshrafi Tayim


Gender: Female
Place of birth: Amman, Jordan
Nationality: Lebanese
Marital status: Married
Address: Verdun Garden, 3rd floor block B – Ras Beirut

Phone Number: +961-3-734244

E-mail Address: mona.tayim@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.monaalshrafi.com

EDUCATION and QUALIFICATIONS_ ________________________________________________________________________

2014                                                     Doctorate of Arabic Language and Modern Arabic Literature:
                                                             “The Art of the Novel in Ahlam Mostaghanmy’s Trilogy: A Critical Analytical Study”

                                                             Beirut Arab University                                                                Beirut, Lebanon  

2007                                                     Master of Arts: Arabic Language and Literature
                                                             Project: The literature of Mai Ziyadeh: A Literary and Sociological Approach”

                                               Beirut Arab University                                                                Beirut, Lebanon  

2001                                                     Diploma of High Studies: Arabic Language

                                                             Beirut Arab University                                                                Beirut, Lebanon  

2000                                                     Bachelor of Arts: Arabic Language and Literature

                                                             Beirut Arab University                                                                Beirut, Lebanon  

1991                                                     Business Administration                                    United Kingdom

                                                             National Vocational Qualification

1990                                                     Computer Literary and Information Technology                                          United Kingdom

1989                                                     English course

                                                             Oswestry College                                                                United Kingdom

1984-1986                                            Interior Design

                                                             Queen Alia College                                                 Amman, Jordan

1983-1984                                            High school diploma

                                                             Queen Noor School                                                  Amman, Jordan


 Jan, 2016 – to-date                             Part-time Lecturer, Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon 

                                                              “Arabic Creative Writing”                                                              

Jan, 2018- 2021                                      Part-time Lecturer, Beirut Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon

                                                             “Andalusian Literature”الأدب الأندلسي”  “
                                                               “Art of the Article”  ”  “فن المقالة

                                                                Women and Literature”المرأة والأدب”    “

                                                              ” Arabic Creative Writing”الكتابة الإبداعية”  

                                                                ” Sufi’s literature”الأدب الصوفي”   “

                                                                 Literature types and ethnicities”الأدب أنواعه ومذاهبه”   “

                                                                ” Arabic Creative Writing”الكتابة الإبداعية”   “

Oct, 2015- May, 2017                        Part-time Lecturer, Lebanese International University, Beirut, Lebanon                                                     

                                                            “Arabic Language and Literature”

Memberships and Organizations_______________________________________________________________________________

Ministry of Culture, reviewing applications submitted by novelists, authors, and poets                                                    Member                                                                  

International Organization for Interfaith Speech and Civilization in the World                                         Member

Jordanian Writers Association                                                                                                                           Member

International Council for Arabic Language                                                                                                      Member

Publications ________________________________________________________________________________________________

2015                     Al-Jasad Fi Maraya Al-Thakera; The Art of the Novel in Ahlam Mostaghanmy’s Trilogy: A Critical Analytical Study
(الجسد في مرايا الذاكرة)
Difaf  Publishing, Lebanon

2014                     Arab youth in the modern means of communication and language

                             (A chapter  in a book carrying the same title  ISBN 978-603-90555-1-8)King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Center

            (لغة شباب العصر في وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي)                             

2013                     Arabic novel: Al-Arabizi wa Al-Jadda Warda
ISBN 978-614-01-0569-0
Arab Scientific Publishers, Inc., Lebanon

    (العربيزي والجدة وردة)                           

                             This Novel was nominated in 2013 for Sheikh Zayed Book Award, in the category of  Youth Literature.

2012                     Arabic poetry compilation: Ka al-Muna Ismi
ISBN 978-614-01-0378-8
Arab Scientific Publishers, Inc., Lebanon

                   (كالمنى اسمي)                           

2012                     Arabic novel: Mashaer Mouhajira (Lightly translated: Immigrating Feelings)
ISBN 978-614-01-0376-4
Arab Scientific Publishers, Inc., Lebanon

(مشاعر مهاجرة)                           

2011                     Arabic poetry complication: Huroof min Nour (Lightly translated: Letters of Light)
ISBN 978-614-01-0142-5
Arab Scientific Publishers, Inc., Lebanon

(حروف من نور)                            

2011                     Arabic novel: Maraya Iblees (Lightly translated: Mirrors of Satan)
ISBN 978-614-01-0141-8
Arab Scientific Publishers, Inc., Lebanon 

(مرايا إبليس)                            

2010                     MA Project: Adab Mai Ziyadeh Fi Maraya Al-Nakd
ISBN 978-614-01-0010-7
Arab Scientific Publishers, Inc., Lebanon

(أدب مي زيادة في مرايا النقد)                           

2010                     Arabic novel: Woujouh fi Maraya Mutakassira (Lightly translated: Faces in Broken Mirrors)
ISBN 978-9953-87-9378
Arab Scientific Publishers, Inc., Lebanon

(وجوه في مرايا متكسرة)                            



Presentations _____________________________________________________________________

11\2022                  2022 Shargah International Book Fair
                                Seminar:  (New Century Reader).
4\2019                    Various discussion sessions with the Jerusalemite novelist Aref Al Husseini on Palestinian and Jerusalem
                                The Center of Art and Humanities  – At the American University of Beirut.

12\2017                  Lycee Verdun

Convener of public meeting in the annual Beirut Book Fair where primary and elementary school students presented their published work supervised by Dr Mona Al Shrafi
Compiled book: Bayna Aalamayn (Between Two Worlds), which included two short stories: (1) Sada wa Oghniya (Echo and Song) and (2) Akhar Moukhtalef (Different Other)

4\2017                    Critical dialogues in the novels of Ibrahim Nassrallah.
                               The Center of Art and Humaniaties – At the American University of Beirut.

4\2017                    Lebanese American University

Convener of public meeting where students of the Arabic Creative Writing Course presented their                                                                                  published work supervised by Dr Mona Al Shrafi 

Presentation name: Ana anta antom (bel aaraby) kollona mobdioun

أنا أنت أنتم (بالعربي) كلنا مبدعون                     

Novel: Linabdae Rehlatana (Let’s Start Our Journey)

رواية: لنبدأ رحلتنا                  

Novel: Aawda Men Al-aadam (Return from Nowhere)

رواية: عودة من العدم                     

3\2016                     United Arab Emirates, Sultan Bin Zayed’s Culture and Media Centre”

                                Presentation in “Arab youth in the modern means of communication and language”

12\2015                  “Development in Arabic Language between Facilitation and Change”

                               The 10th Conference on Arabic language between Originality and Modernization; Beirut, Lebanon.
11\2015                  “Roll of Women in Social and Political Activities”
                                First International Conference for “Freedom- Protection of Human Rights and International Peace”;                                   
                                Beirut, Lebanon.               
05\2015                 Religions and civilizations and their role in the face of violence and extremism

                               The International Organization for Interfaith Speech & Civilization; Beirut, Lebanon .

12\2014                Al-Jasad Fi Maraya Al-Thakera; The Art of the Novel in Ahlam Mostaghanmy’s Trilogy: A Critical Analytical Study.

                             Beirut International Book Fair
03\2014               Domestic Violence,

                            Catholic Center for Information; Beirut, Lebanon.

03/2014                Arabizi and the Changing Face of Arabic LanguageEmirates Airline Festival of Literature

04/2013                Wake Up Childhood Within the Contemporary ChildKing Abdulaziz International Cultural Center, Aramco; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

12/2012                Bil Arabi AjmalBeirut International Book fair; Beirut, Lebanon

11/2012                Literary Critical Analysis and the Arabic Novel/Routes, Opportunities and ChallengesAl-Rai Center; Amman, Jordan

03/2012                Bil Arabi 21 ConferenceArabic Thought Foundation; Beirut, Lebanon

07/2011                Critical Analysis of my novel “Maraya Ibleess” and “Huroof min Noor”
Royal Cultural Center; Amman, Jordan

04/2011                Yes for the Difference but No for the DivisionThe International Organization for Interfaith Speech and Civilization in the World; Beirut, Lebanon

12/2010                Arabic Women and Sexual Harassment at WorkCatholic Center for Information; Beirut, Lebanon

09/2010                Critical Analysis of my novel “Woujouh fi Maraya Mutakassira”Royal Cultural Center; Amman, Jordan

07/2010                Round Table Preparatory Meeting for the First Arabic Cultural SummitArab Thought Foundation; Beirut, Lebanon

04/2010                Arabic Cultural SecurityThe 11th International Arabic Conference; Beirut, Lebanon


  • Arabic (fluent in speaking, reading, writing)
  • English (fluent in speaking, reading, writing)